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"Determined to enhance your natural béauty."

 The beauty brand “Jenna-Monét Béauty” was created in July 2020 by the Owner, Founder, and CEO Jenna-Monét a beauty-fashion model, who enjoys wearing, slaying, & playing in makeup. She was inspired by her modeling life to create a beauty brand that should also to be a part of the beauty world. A beauty line that is all about changing the narrative, presenting inclusivity to ALL ages, races, genders, and ethnicities. This beauty brand is one that WILL ooze sophistication, vivacious colors, youth, and with your help, natural beauty!

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Jenna-Monét Béauty

Join the Movement! 

Join the #IREPRESENTBEAUTY Movement! I Represent Beauty Campaign is a movement meant to break the beauty standards brought on from social media, influencers, & society. This movement is intented to universally relate to all races, ethncities, and cultures, sharing that your natural beauty is more than enough! What does true beauty mean to you?


Jenna-Monet Beauty x Love Flaws Foundation Perfect Imperfect Photoshoot 

To bring more awareness to the #IRepresentBeauty Movement, Jenna-Monet Beauty and Love Flaws Foundation collaborated on a 'Perfect Imperfect Photoshoot'. The highlight of this shoot was meant to show beauty and power in scars. Jenna-Monet Beauty was the official makeup sponsor of this shoot enhacing each of the models beauty in a before and after shot.  



Aeisha is a survivor of Short Gut Syndrome, a condition in which the body is unable to  absorb enough nutrients from food, becuase part of the small intestine is missing or damaged. Aeisha is a powerhouse in that she has endured many obstacles since her diagnosis, and transplants, however continues to move in faith & thrive despite the odds. 



Vivian struggled with the beauty standards of the modeling industry in that of maintaing an appropriate weight. She thought that she was either too thin or too big and was not quite sure where she fit. In time, she learned to love her body and not let the pressures of the modeling industry bring her down.

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Maya shared that her beauty scar came from an encounter with a friend in college, where she had to jump a fence becuase they were locked out. This resulted in the scar on her belly, she initially was very distraught about the scar but later learned that its powerful and has since embraced it. 

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What does beauty mean to you? #IREPRESENTBEAUTY